Saturday, December 26, 2009

A New Year's Cheer

Another year gone, like a snap of the finger,
If only time passing would slow down and linger.
Some dreams were delivered, but many were dashed,
Wars kept on raging while economies crashed.

There were those who worried about jobs and lost wealth,
While others were pained by the decline of their health.
When we opened the papers to find out the news,
There was always a story to give us the blues.

Some people were grieved when loved ones passed on,
And are clinging to memories from before they were gone.
Life can be hard with its valleys and peaks,
But we must carry on through the days and the weeks.

Now that we face a bold, fresh New Year,
Perhaps we can hope for some goodness and cheer.
May the hard times diminish and the good times rein in,
And we mustn't forget that peace lives within.

It’s not our belongings that give us most pleasure,
Nor our travels, our homes, or even the weather.
It’s the people we love and the times that we share
That give us life’s joys and a reason to care.

We are on this planet for what seems a flicker,
So let’s not enrage or disparage or bicker.
For kindness and justice and humility too,
Are not just nice words, but things we should do.

I wish for you wonderful people out there,
In this world that is grand, but sometimes unfair,
A year filled with peace, love and delight,
Where your hopes and your dreams are well within sight.


Happy New Year and manifold blessings!

Carla  XO


  1. I loved the lines "It's the people we love and the times that we share/ That give us life's joys and a reason to care." So true! Much happiness to you and the whole Sandrin family in the New Year.
    Love, Beth

  2. I agree with Beth's comment wholeheartedly Carla - happy new year to you too!